BTKM strives to not only add value to our client’s projects but also to the communities where these projects are run.

We believe in active participation at a local level which not only contributes to the project itself but also to individuals of the community and to overall regional development. By adopting fundamental values we are contributing to a long-term sustainable future for our firm, our clients and communities at large.

We believe that each project has the potential to add value not only to our clients and staff but also the communities in which these projects are managed. For this we have developed and implemented systems and procedures which ensure that value exchange will benefit all stakeholders in a project.

This inclusive approach has led to the implementation of a number of BTKM standard practices which are driven by our commitment to empowerment. This includes consultation with community groups affected by new projects.

Key facts

  • Empowering solutions for individuals and communities
  • Driven by fundamental values
  • Value adding benefits for all parties involved
  • Fostering an environment of inclusion and consultation
  • Building a sustainable future for all