Our vision

We believe in incorporating innovation, expertise and experience to add value to any project.
Ultimately, it is our aim to provide service excellence for all our clients. With visionary leadership and a diverse team of experts, BTKM has emerged as one of South Africa’s leading Quantity Surveying practices.

Our vision is met through commitment to the following:

  • Staying up to date with international trends and techniques, embracing new technology and continuous comprehensive staff training.
  • Finding the most profitable solutions through meticulous planning, research and recruitment of professional quantity surveyors.
  • Incorporating the objectives of equal opportunity with a high standard of service excellence.
  • Maintaining a highly competitive environment with responsible corporate governance principles and astute financial controls.
  • Ensuring quality and efficiency by uplifting suppliers and developing an entrepreneurial and competitive spirit.
  • Approaching every project with an eye towards a sustainable future.
  • Actively embracing fundamental values to effectively add value to client projects and the communities in which we work.
  • Understanding the client’s needs and values while striving for service excellence.